Our work is set up following a quality management system compliant with the UNI EN ISO 9001: 2015 standard.

The object of certification is the design, installation and maintenance of technological systems such as water-sanitary, fire-fighting, electric and winter and summer air-conditioning systems, construction and maintenance of district heating systems, construction of civil buildings, heat management and operation of thermal plants , installation and maintenance of electrical panels, design and assembly of electrical panels (IAF: 28-35;19).

We take care of activities in the field of “Facilities Management” offering management services, management and maintenance of technological systems as well as offering energy efficiency services and conservation of the building heritage. A service therefore not only aimed at plants (lighting, telecommunications, fire prevention, data transmission, emergency and rescue, aspiration, automation, heating, cooling, conduction, surveillance, transformation) but also aimed at the civilconstruction sector (masonry, coatings, carpentry , dry systems, building finishes …). Termotecnica Sebina is also synonymous with energy efficiency and therefore with the improvement of the plant with a saving in consumption through the use of advanced materials and technologies.


Our certifications

On 15/12/2020 Termotecnica Sebina obtained the attribution of the Legality Rating, pursuant to Article 2 paragraph 1 of the Regulation adopted by the Competition and Market Authority with resolution 28361 of 28 July 2020, with a score of two stars and was included in the list published on the AGCM website as required by Article 8 of the Regulations.

EN1090:2012 Certification
Execution of steel structures
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ISO 14001:2015 Certification
Environmental Management System
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ISO 45001:2018
The Safety Management System
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UNI ISO 30415:2021
Promoting diversity and inclusion
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F-GAS Certification
Installation, maintenance or repair of fixed refrigeration equipment,air conditioning and heat pumps containing certain fluorinated gases with effect greenhouse, according to the provisions of EC regulation no. 303/2008.
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ISO 3834-3:2006 Certification
Fabrication of structural elements of carpentry, IAF: 17
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Certification and Social Responsibility Policy
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UNI EN ISO 9001:2015
Company Quality Management System
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ISO 50001:2018
Energy management system
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UNI CEI 11352:2014
Energy Service Company
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ISO 37001:2016
Anti-corruption management system
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Cribis 2024
Maximum commercial reliability
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UNI/PdR 125:2022
Gender equality
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Qualifications for public works

Termotecnica Sebina has SOA Certification qualification for the execution of public works
for the following categories:

OG 1 – Civil and industrial buildings.

OG 6 – Aqueducts, gas pipelines, oil pipelines, irrigation and evacuation works.

OG 10 – Plants for high / medium transformation voltage and for the distribution of electricity in alternating and direct current and public lighting installations.

OG 11 – Technological systems.

OS 7 – Finishes and general construction and technical works.

OS 18/A – Structural components in steel.

OS 28 – Thermal and conditioning systems.

OS 30 – Internal electrical, telephone, radiotelephone and television systems.

Integrated quality

Anti-Corruption Policy

Anti-Corruption Code of Conduct

Diversity and Inclusion politic