The group has been operating since 1976 in the field of design, maintenance and construction of buildings, technological, mechanical, electrical and special plants and building works.
In more than forty years of activity, we have consolidated our experience in carrying on works, both in Italy and abroad, in the industrial and production sectors, the transport and infrastructure sector, in sub-services and technological networks (aqueducts, sewers, irrigation networks, district heating, gas pipelines), optical fibers, energy production and distribution plants from renewable sources (cogeneration, hydroelectric, wind, photovoltaic).

Hand in hand with plant engineering, our presence in the construction sector has also grown, ranging from the construction of new residential-commercial buildings, to the redevelopment of existing structures, from the conversion of functional spaces to the maintenance of construction complexes, up to the role of General Contractor, through a principle of optimization of the construction phases.

The activities carried out are supported by a structured technical and management organization for the provision of a before-and after-sales consulting service.
Our goal is to provide a “turnkey” product to help the client by providing a single point of contact, optimizing the time required to carry out works, through direct contact.
The experience of our human resources team and the size of the group guarantee excellent skills in managing large projects in complete autonomy, with the use of modern, cutting-edge materials and equipment.

Termotecnica, since its foundation, has pursued the goal of promoting its work by ensuring that the products and services offered effectively take care of customer needs and comply with legal requirements, allowing us to measure the progress of corporate growth against the continuous improvement of our market yield.

Legal, Administrative and Operational Headquarters
Costa Volpino (BG)

The mechanical workshop
Costa Volpino (BG)

Ellis Bianchi Industrial Expert

CEO & Founder Mario Bianchi

Skilled worker

Termotecnica Sebina S.r.l. has a staff of around 100. The main objective of our highly qualified and autonomous technical department is customer satisfaction, guaranteed by the reliability of the work we carry out.
The company has offices and a warehouse of 1,200 square meters, a 10-ton bridge crane, numerous equipment and a large fleet of vehicles.

To better manage the construction sites, the group has recently established an operational headquarters near Milan, a strategic area for the storage and procurement of materials.

Our company’s teams can work in complete autonomy and without the need for external resources.
In 2018, the merger with the company Elettro71 S.r.l. a production company still owned by the Bianchi family, which has been designing and manufacturing both civil and industrial electrical and photovoltaic systems for over ten years enabled the company to meet the most different needs of customers in the electrical, hydraulic and construction field.

Company vehicles


The historical logo of Termotecnica Sebina S.r.l., a family company founded in 1976.


In 2016 an important goal.
The 40th anniversary is an event to thank employees, customers and collaborators.


The restyling of the Termotecnica Sebina logo and the merging with the company Elettro 71 already owned by the Bianchi family.