Termotecnica Sebina has been active in the fields of plant engineering, production and servicing, building construction and construction of technological, mechanical, electrical, special plant and building works since 1976.

Industrial installations

Termotecnica Sebina specializes in the design, construction and maintenance of industrial plants in the metallurgical, chemical, energy, pharmaceutical and food sectors.

Technological networks

Termotecnica has been designing, manufacturing and maintaining technological networks and plant utilities, aqueducts, sewers, district heating networks.

Electric systems

Termotecnica Sebina offers an innovative answer to the most complex needs of modern electrical installations.

Civil works

Termotecnica is synonymous with civil engineering, as a core business developed since the company’s beginnings and continued over more than forty years of work.


As a guarantee of the complete efficiency and reliability of the systems, constant monitoring and maintenance activities are necessary.

Buildings works

Termotecnica Sebina has been operating for many years in the industrial, commercial and civil construction industry, both in the public and private sectors.

Termotecnica Sebina

The Group follows each client from the project stage to completion, thanks to a highly qualified and autonomous technical staff who are skilled in managing orders, which guarantees the reliability of the plants, and places the full satisfaction of the customer as the main objective.

The great experience, the use of modern and cutting-edge materials and equipment guarantee the management of important projects in complete autonomy.

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