Air-conditioning system – Vanvitelliano Hall, Palazzo Loggia (BS)

Termotecnica is synonymous with civil engineering, as a core business developed since the company’s beginnings and continued over more than forty years of work. Therefore, Termotecnica does not only deal with large plants or public clients, but believes in the value of the individual and in the importance of smalland medium-sized private clients.

Our fields of application are numerous and varied:
• Lighting
• Telecommunications
• Fire fighting
• Data transmission
• Automation
• Heating and air conditioning
• Smoke and heat extraction and evacuation
• Dust extraction
• Water and sanitation
• Surveillance

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Termotecnica is a leader in the energy efficiency sector and therefore in improving the efficiency of the plant with the aim of obtaining savings in consumption through the use of advanced materials and technologies, by virtue of the fact that consumption is lower the greater the potential of the system.

We are therefore able to develop and offer competitive and reliable solutions for the customer, with targeted studies that are also attentive to energy components. We are in fact able to develop proposals based on a Thermal Account or performance analysis by issuing APE or as an Expert in Energy Management (EGE).

TS is also Energy Service Company (ESCO), i.e a business that carries out interventions aimed at improving energy efficiency, taking on itself the risk of the initiative and freeing the end customer from any organizational and investment burden.
Again with reference to the plant engineering aspects, Termotecnica Sebina is in possession of a FGAS Company certificate to guarantee a higher quality of work and greater guarantee of the professionalism of those working in this sector.

Air-handling unit, refrigeration units – Hotel Boscolo “Exedra” – Nice

Aeraulic plant – Salone Vanvitelliano, Palazzo Loggia (BS)

Attic – Palazzo Loggia (BS)

Air-handling unit – Palazzo della Loggia (BS)